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Dreamcatcher Moon And Stars Hanging Over The Bed

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Dreamcatcher Moon And Stars Hanging Over The Bed

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I rarely write reviews, but these were so much more beautiful than I ever imagined, I had to share. I was in awe when I opened my package. So glad I purchased these! I love AvasHome!


I’m so happy with my order of wooden utensils. They are beautifully, perfectly displayed on my counter. I use them every day :)

Natural Acacia Wood Tray Set
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I bought them for a gift like crockery for a couple. They loved it.

Natural Acacia Wood Bowl
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It’s a perfect quality and colour, thank you so much!


Find unique art vases

Find unique art vases


  • Ada


    I really like this item. It is so easy to fix a worn out leather chair. I will definitely order again.

    New Self-Adhesive Leather Refinisher Cuttable Sofa Repair
    $13.97 $19.95
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  • Baby


    The manger is very nice, for an ideal for a small space, arrived very well packed, and arrived super fast, thanks

    Heaven Nativity Tree Pillar Statues Candle Holders
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  • Amy


    I super love it since day 1♥️ "I was looking for a sustainable material that suits my little addiction to rustic style. Voila! AvasHome utensil sets complete it. I super love it since day 1♥️" -Carmen Rosas

    Natural Acacia Wood Tray Set
    $24.95 $29.95
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  • Patsy Tyler


    Beautiful blue glass, smooth finishes all round, and looks and feels like quality in general. All was carefully packed and delivered safely. Would buy again and will be back to this store soon.

    Morandi Colored Upside Down Glass Vase
    $24.95 $37.95
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