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1. New self-adhesive leather repair patch

Are you experiencing peeling leather from leather sofas? Torn leather car seats? Does home leather furniture repair need high price? If you have these problems, please don't worry; now we offer you leather repair patches. from $9.95, 3 minutes to repair any leather items, no glue residue, child safe!

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2. Dreamcatcher moon and stars hanging over the bed

Have it and be blessed with the best every day!

"Traditionally, dreamcatchers are hung over a cradle or bed as protection. – a hoop with woven string or sinew meant to replicate a spider's web, used as a protective charm for infants."
Each dreamcatcher is handmade, so it takes about two weeks to make, so if you want to get this unique gift before the holidays, you can buy it now.

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3. Great home cleaning tool

Every time the big cleaning is always annoying, so why don't we clean it now? Use our cleaning tools to make your cleaning job incredibly easy! No need to doubt; just look at our goods!

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