About AvasHome

"Inspiration, design, and coffee."  - Ava, CEO
It never occurred to me that I would have an online store. I just wanted a better life.
After 30 years of being single, I own the store. Instead of feeling excited, I feel more responsibility and pressure because I want everything to be perfect. (Of course, I know this is impossible)
I will do it better than yesterday!
I handpick every product in this store from all over the world. It could be an artist; it could be a craftsman. I am looking for the most interesting products every day.
I know my prices won't be the lowest, but I guarantee my products are the best for the same price! Please be wary of low costs, as they are most likely scams! We hate scams!
Regarding logistics, I'm sorry for the possible delays in delivery due to the weather and COVID-19! I hope you understand, and I will do my best!
For any questions, please give us a quick email at support@avashome.com

Have a nice day!
"Inspiration, design, and coffee."  - Ava, CEO